Groundwork To Grand Prix

Many equestrians aspire to become successful horse-people, but they often lack guidance from experts on the essential basics required to achieve this. Groundwork To Grand Prix is an ongoing initiative aimed at coaching equestrians in the fundamental skills they need for peak performance.

  • Siobhan Records - Equestrian Athlete & Coach

    Siobhan is an internationally trained Dressage Athlete and Equestrian Coach that has vast experience in backing, schooling, competition, and horse sales.

  • Jonathan Fickling - Shady Grove Stables

    Jonathan and Keelin from Shady Grove offer all horse-related services including starting youngsters, schooling or re-schooling, boxing issues and problem horses.

  • Robbie Miller - International Horse Shoeing Hall of Fame Farrier

    With over 35 years of experience, a professional farrier with AWCF and ASF qualifications serves as FITS Chief Examiner in South Africa, has examined farriers internationally. He owns a successful multi-farrier practice in Cape Town.

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